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Organic Montessori Natural Teether Inflatable Beech Wood Indoor Activity Wooden Play Toys Baby Gym Wild Wild West Adventure Theme for Babies and Infants with Hanging Toys.

The Baby gym is made of natural Beech wood and the paint is absolutely safe for baby. It boasts minimalist design and would fit any nursery/baby room and is perfect for your baby’s first months of exploring the world.
Please never leave your baby unattended with play gym and hanging toys. Discontinue use when baby begins to pull/touch/grab hanging toys or roll over Check the sturdiness, strength of the knots regularly, tighten if necessary. Users take all responsibility for toys safety.

Please note hanging toys are not classified as baby toys and designed for decoration/eye coordination/eyesight development only

Wooden Baby Gym U Style

  • Baby Gym Info.

    Height : 23.6 Inches ( 60 CM)

    Width  : 23.8 Inches ( 63 CM)





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