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Balance Beam is a wonderful wooden toy that helps your child to develop balance and coordination skills. Balance Beam can be used not only by your child but also with his friends. More beams allow you to involve more children in the game! The material we use in manufacturing is plywood, which does not contain toxic substances. The kit includes a balance beam with connectors. It is a great gift idea for a birthday.

Wooden Balance Beam

SKU: 00009
  • ✔️ Self Confidence Learning Toy

    ✔️ Gross Motor Skill Development

    ✔️ Muscle Growth and Balance Control

    ✔️ Expands Creativity and Playtime

    ✔️ Made of the highest quality natural birch wood

    ✔️ Chemical free

    ✔️ Smooth and Splinter free

    ✔️ Handcrafted with perfection, no rough and sharp edges

    ✔️ This curvy board is very durable and easy to install.

    ✔️ It is totally natural and very safe for your kids.

    ✔️ Perfect gift for toddlers

    ✔️ Indoor & Outdoor Day Use

    ✔️ Lightweight and Easy to Handle

    ✔️World Wide Free and Express Shipping on all orders.

    ✔️Please DON'T FORGET to add your phone number at checkout for smooth delivery. Phone numbers are used by the carrier company during the delivery process.

    📌 Maximum load up to 50 kg (110 lbs)

    📌 The Balance Beam is supplied unassembled. Simple assembly of the connector with beams is required.

    📐One wooden balance beam is 60x7x1.8cm (23.6 x 2.8 x 0.5 inch)

    📐The height available from the ground about 6 cm

    SET OF 3 , In each set of 3 are included 2 single and 2 double beam connecter.!!

    SET OF 4 Include 4 balance beams,2 single and 3 double beam connecter

    SET OF 5 - 5 balance beams, 2 single and 4 double connecter

    SET OF 6 - 6 beams,2 single and 5 double conectors

    SET OF 7 - 7 beams, 2 single and 6 double conectors

    SET OF 8 - 8 beams, 2 single and 7 double conectors

    SET OF9 - 9 beams, 2 single and 8 double conectors

    SET OF 10- 10 beams, 2 single and 9 double conectors

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